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Welcome to the Degheidy Qaderi Zawiya website

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About the Zawiya

The Degheidy Qaderi Zawiya is a space of prayer, contemplation and contentment. An oasis for the seeker.  A small, quiet and spiritually uplifting environment where one can be present, reflect and break away from the business of the world.


The Zawiya has daily prayers, weekly community cooking, monthly salawaat, weekly Thikr sessions and regular visits and various lecture programmes by local and international guests.

We are currently planning the first Cape Town Mawsim.  Please click on the link below for more information

affiliated organisations

Home of the Qaderi Kitchen &

The Breeze Foundation

The Zawiya is home to the Qaderi Kitchen, which provides approximately 100 meals every Saturday as well as sandwiches for 200 school children during the week.  The Zawiya is also the headquarters of The Breeze Foundation, which provides its academic, social and charitable activities within the community

Latest Message

The Cape Town 1445 Mawsim

Inspired by Allah’s description of the Hajj festival in Suratul Hajj, verse 28: “To exchange benefits and remember Allah”, the 1445H Mawsim shall span over 8 days in the City of Awliya, Cape Town under the shadows of the majestic Table Mountain.

Conact the Zawiya